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11n45-   Abalone and Fresh Water Pearl Necklace
14F05-07-2   Beige Crystal Necklace with Tassels
DI-809-007   Black and Grey Dress
DI-1231   Blue and Green off the Shoudler Dress
KI-1   Childrens Collection - Black
KI-12   Childrens Collection - Bubble Pink
KI-2   Childrens Collection - White
KFI-1   Childrens Flower Collection - Black
KFI-12   Childrens Flower Collection - Bubble Pink
KFI-2   Childrens Flower Collection - White
CI-7   Classic Collection - Aqua
CI-1   Classic Collection - Black
CI-16   Classic Collection - Bone
CI-10   Classic Collection - Camel
CI-14   Classic Collection - Camo
CI-18   Classic Collection - Chocolate
CI-12   Classic Collection - Hot Pink
CI-6   Classic Collection - Lavender
CI-8   Classic Collection - Lime Green
CI-22   Classic Collection - Orange
CI-23   Classic Collection - Silver
CI-13   Classic Collection - Sky Blue
CI-2   Classic Collection - White
CI-9   Classic Collection - Yellow
14C16   Fish Charm Necklace
FBI-1   Flat Beach Collection - Black
FBI-10   Flat Beach Collection - Camel
FBI-18   Flat Beach Collection - Chocolate
FBI-12   Flat Beach Collection - Hot Pink
FBI-15   Flat Beach Collection - Navy
FBI-22   Flat Beach Collection - Orange
FBI-23   Flat Beach Collection - Silver
FBI-9   Flat Beach Collection - Yellow
FBF-1   Flat Beach Flower Collection - Black
FI-8   Flower Collection - Limegreen
FI-7   Flower Collection - Aqua
FI-1   Flower Collection - Black
FI-16   Flower Collection - Bone
FI-10   Flower Collection - Camel
FI-14   Flower Collection - Camo
FI-18   Flower Collection - Chocolate
FI-12   Flower Collection - Hot Pink
FI-6   Flower Collection - Lavender
FI-22   Flower Collection - Orange
FI-23   Flower Collection - Silver
FI-13   Flower Collection - Sky Blue
FI-2   Flower Collection - White
FI-9   Flower Collection - Yellow
14k94   Fresh water pear and Crystal Necklace with Tassel
14F03-   Fresh Water Pearl Necklace
HNI-12   High Night Colecction - Hot Pink
HNI-7   High Night Collecction - Aqua
HNI-1   High Night Collection - Black
HNI-10   High Night Collection - Camel
HNI-18   High Night Collection - Chocolate
HNI-9   High Night Collection - Lt. Yellow
HNI-15   High Night Collection - Navy
HNI-23   High Night Collection - Silver
HNI-2   High Night Collection - White
HNF-1   High Night Flower Collection - Black
HNFI-10   High Night Flower Collection - Camel
HNFI-18   High Night Flower Collection - Chocolate
HNFI-23   High Night Flower Collection - Silver
HNF-2   High Night Flower Collection - White
LRCI-7   Lady Rocks Classic - Aqua
LRCI-1   Lady Rocks Classic - Black
LRCI-16   Lady Rocks Classic - Bone
LRCI-10   Lady Rocks Classic - Camel
LRCI-14   Lady Rocks Classic - Camo
LRCI-18   Lady Rocks Classic - Chocolate
LRCI-6   Lady Rocks Classic - Lavender
LRCI-8   Lady Rocks Classic - Limegreen
LRCI-22   Lady Rocks Classic - Orange
LRCI-23   Lady Rocks Classic - Silver
LRCI-13   Lady Rocks Classic - Sky Blue
LRCI-2   Lady Rocks Classic - White
LRCI-9   Lady Rocks Classic - Yellow
LRFBI-7   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Aqua
LRFBI-1   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Black
LRFBI-16   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Bone
LRFBI-10   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Camel
LRFBI-18   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Chocolate
LRFBI-12   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Hot Pink
LRFBI-15   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Navy
LRFBI-22   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Orange
LRFBI-23   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Silver
LRFBI-13   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Sky Blue
LRFBI-9   Lady Rocks Flat Beach - Yellow
LRHNI-1   Lady Rocks High Night - Black
LRHNI-10   Lady Rocks High Night - Camel
LRHN-12   Lady Rocks High Night - Hot Pink
LRHNI-9   Lady Rocks High night - Light Yellow
LRHNI-18   Lady Rocks High Night - Sky Blue
LRHNI-15   Lady Rocks High NIght- Navy
LRHNI-23   Lady Rocks High night- SIlver
803-170-0001   LL Pastel Dress - L-Large
803-170-0002   LL Pastel Dress - M- Medium
803-170-0003   LL Pastel Dress - S- Small
803-170-0004   LL Pastel Dress - XL-Extra Large
T-006   LL Tunics
DI-809-008   Navy and Green
8009-007-Navy-Green   Navy and Teel - M- Medium
Dress-01   Off Shoulder Dress
14C24   Pendant Tassel Necklace
14C24-1   Pendant Tassel Necklace

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